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Serving Per Container - 30 Serving Per Scoop - 100g Energy - 469g Protein - 19g Fat - 8.6g Carbs... - 79g Creatine Mono.. - 5g Essential Vitamins + Minerals

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Royalent Super mass gainer series is the perfect choice for to transform into muscular body. Our unique blend of protein, carbs and vitamins empowers you to grow big muscular physique. High Calorie High Protein Mass Gainer series is one stop solution for gaining more muscles – it has more proteins, more carbs and right amount of other nutrients, so that you do not need to take any other supplements.


An All-Rounder for Stronger and Quicker Muscle Building

The new reformulated Royalent Super Mass gainer is a mass gain formula that helps you to get big and muscular. The high-protein blend along with complex carbs in Royalent super mass is powered with digestive enzymes and helps bodybuilding enthusiasts. Blended with 6 different protein types,Royalent super mass gainer supplies Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids to support serious weight training, speed up recovery.

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