Abs basically means muscles in our abdomen. Our abdomen consists of small muscles running vertically on each side. In every human & also in some mammals those muscles do exist.

We all have ABS under our skin but to see those muscles clearly depends on many factors. There is no such thing as upper or lower abs just Rectus Abdominis Muscle, that's it.






The biggest question that everyone has in their mind. Why are abs not visible that easily ?

See, visibility of abs is not that difficult but on the other hand its not that easy too. If you want anything in life you need to make some sacrifices. This goes for everything that you want in life. You do have to pay a price to get what you want. Now, in case of ABS, it's "COMFORT", this is what you have to compromise with.

If you can sacrifice comfort to get ABS, than it ain't gonna be difficult job for you.

Now, let's talk with science. ABS are present under our skin in the form of muscles. But thicker the skin, lesser the visibility of your abdomen muscle. As simple as that. All you have to work on your skin or flesh that is present over your muscle.






Yes, 10 pack abs are definitely possible. The structuring of muscle depends person to person. It's not necessary that everybody can have 10 pack abs (abdomen muscle) visible. Not everyone has Rectus Abdominis muscles equally. Some people can only make their 4 pack visible, some can make 6, some can make 8 & some even 10.

So, that depends on structuring of a person. You need to understand your body structure. As in how many packs can be clearly visible.


No matter how many exercises you do or how differently you do. You can't get what is not present in your abdomen.


So stop wasting time & start listening to your body & also start understanding your physique.






For some people yes, it is definitely possible. Like i said it all depends on structuring of your body. There are some people with 12 pack abs but that doesn't mean it's possible for everyone. NO, it's not.

For e.g let's take bodybuilding competition. Many bodybuilders fight for the title but only one is the winner. WHY ? because some muscle, some proportion, some visuals are better than rest of them & that is why he/she wins.


Let's take Ronnie Coleman. He was the biggest guy on the stage flexing his muscles. Now the question is, can everybody be like that ? NO, because there was only one Ronnie Coleman with super large muscles like an animal. The Structuring of his body & muscles were different than others. That's why every person is different.

That's why some muscles you can't grow but only can work harder & harder in order to get close to it.






Yes, definitely girls can build abs naturally. A girl & a guy are born with same muscles. The difference is only about growth. Men definitely can grow much more muscle as compared to women because of high testosterone level. Women's contains low testosterone level & high estrogen level. But yes, through some external supplementation they can grow even bigger (Which i personally do not recommend).

Rest, take a good well balanced diet & keep working out. You will definitely get there soon.





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That depends on how much you are working hard or how consistent/ focus/ committed you are. Time is not even a question. Every person is different, there metabolism is different, even how there body react's to a particular food is also different. So time is not even a question. It all depends how consistent you are working. How dedicated you are. How focused you are.

The sooner you start the sooner you get. That's the answer.







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There is a saying that ABS are made in kitchen. Well in a way it is true because diet do play's very important role in changing your physique.


50% role is played by diet, & rest

50% role is played by your workout.


Now some will say rest is also important, cheat meals n all. Well, yes everything is important but the 2 most important factors have been told. In health & fitness no answer to a question is straight forward. There are always sub-answer's to every question.


For Diet plan's you can read my other articles in which i have shared foods for you goals.


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By following these diet plans you will get your answer to " What to eat ". Now in workout i will give you some basic & important exercises by which you can get close to your goal's. Only close, rest the success depends on you, whether you do it or not.


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