A grip means the power to hold on to something. If you hold a object, how powerfully or tightly you hold it describes the grip of your hands. Tighter the hand squeeze powerful the hand grips.





Hand grip Strength

Like i described earlier that a grip describes the capability of power of you hands.

But if we talk about of what does it do ? Than it has many answers & many benefits of your grip. For e.g opening a door, lifting weight, holding rod, or any other heavy duty work. It's only your grip which defines how the work is going to be done.

So, gripping is more important specially if we talk about workout or exercises. You get to lift heavy weights, dumbbells, rods & in order to do that you surely need to have strong grip. Even to grow muscles, the more weight you lift the more muscle will grow & you will only be able to lift weight if your grip is strong.





Increase hand grip strength

It's practically not that difficult to increase grip strength. There are many exercises to increase grip strength. There are also some grip strength equipment by which you can definitely improve or should i say increase grip strength.

There are number of hand grip strengthener in the market to improve your grip strength but very few are useful & of good quality. So, i will be providing you with 2 best hand strengthener or grip strength equipment to increase your grip strength.






Let me tell you one thing very positively that while performing any exercise or any kind of workout, you are already improving you hand grip. No matter what exercise you do on what machine but whenever you hold something tightly or you squeeze while holding, you are improving your hand grip in that process.


The 4 best exercises to increase your grip strength are :-





To improve grip strength

It's a very simple exercise to perform. All you need to do is take rubber band & wrap it around your fingers. Now extend your fingers outwards & inward repeatedly. You can take any kind of band to perform this exercise.






Hand Grip Exercise

This exercise will be performed exactly the same way like band hand extension but in this exercise there will be a bucket of sand instead of band. Put your hand in the sand fingers closed. After inserting, than open your hand/ fingers against the sand pressure. keep repeating the movement.






improve hand grip strength

This is a very simple exercise as you don't have to perform any kind of movement. All you need to do is just hold the bar in your hands as long as possible. Your gripping will be as if you are about to do shrug movement OR if you have deadlift rack/ smith machine it would get easier for you to lift & drop the weight.

The primary goal in this exercise is to hold on to the bar for maximum contraction for maximum period of time. 3 to 4 sets with failure repetitions.






To increase grip strength

As well easy exercise as the one before. To perform the exercise all you need is 2 dumbbells/ 2 kettle bell/ or even 2 plates would do the job. Just hold with both the hands (1 in each hand) & walk some distance with it. As the force pull's weight downwards the gripping grow's stronger & stronger with time. Perform this exercise 3 to 4 times to increase grip strength.

In all these exercises make sure to do hand squeeze as much as possible. More the squeeze better the grip strength.

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