What is Lower back pain ?


So, basically lower back pain means, pain in your L-4, L-5 vertebral column (Most common issue column's). Now you must be thinking, why L-4 & L-5 only occurs with pain or slip-disc pain ?

Well, it's because L-4 & L-5 are the lowest vertebral column & they support your backbone entirely. So basically they are the base of your spine. Whenever things go wrong the disc between those vertebrae slips.



Why Lower Back Pain Occurs ?


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There are many ways by which "Lower back pain" can occur. Some of them are as followings:-


  • Due to weight lifting.

  • Due to lifting heavy objects.

  • Due to sitting on a particular place for longer period.

  • Putting strain on your back by any means.

  • It may be genetic. (In many cases it has been found that, slip disc might be hereditary).

  • Weak muscles.

  • Old age & many more.



How Can We Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain Permanently ?


Frankly speaking there are number of ways by which you can get rid of your lower back pain permanently. Some of them are.


  • Medication.

  • Exercise.

  • Physio-therapy.

  • Physical & mental rest.






Some very common medicines for you lower back are:-


  • Pain killers.

  • Muscle relaxers.

  • Nerve relaxers.

Personally, the best that i like is "VOVERAN-D" because it's best for pain-relief of muscles or nerves, swelling, joint-pain & stiffness in muscles.

If you are consuming voveran-d than make sure to take only one tablet a day, but in case of severe pain, take one tablet in every 5 - 6 hours.







There are number of exercises to treat your lower back pain but the best movements are :-

  • Supermans.

  • Quadricep arm leg raise.

  • Back extension stretching.

  • Cobra lift.

  • Gluteal stretch.

  • Prone SLR.

These are some of the best movements to treat your lower back pain permanently.

Now if we talk about timing or duration. Than perform each exercise 3 to 4 times for at least 30 sec... I won't recommend to do these everyday but definitely alternate days.

If you have well balanced diet & performing these movements, than in 99% cases your back pain will be relieved permanently. it's "TRIED & TESTED" by myself.







Physio-therapy treatments are now increasing rapidly. In many lower back pain cases & some other cases, physio-therapy has been a big success for many people. Their techniques & treatment method are really very scientific & definitely helps in your injury.

Their process might be slow but definitely 99% success in many cases.

Besides all that, i always believe that every human body is different from one another. So i won't give my 100% to any treatment because every body is different & every body does respond differently to every treatment.

But yes, treatment is possible it may take time, it may take different treatment's for different person. But, yes there is a treatment.







Sometimes it really gets difficult for people to rest. Not because they can't but because they don't want to, they get curious for workout and mistakes happen at that point of time.


On personal note, let me tell you one thing very clearly & in-fact its the truth. In case of lower back issue, one must always give rest to its body & mind. I know that a gym enthusiast will never give up but it's not about giving up. It's about making right decision. I personally made bad decisions in life & ended up injured. That is why rest is very much important to get recovered soon. I always believe in one thing & that is "Always Listen To Your Body".


You must know what your body needs & what it does not. You need to understand how your body works. When you understand this, you will understand everything about your body.

So yes, physical & mental rest is as important as any other issue. Many problem or injuries that occur in our body can be resolved with just simple rest. Our body is very intelligent machine. You provide it with proper rest & it follow your lead.

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