A normal gym enthusiast from the city of nawabs (LUCKNOW) with 10+ years of experience in fitness industry. I know how things work & more importantly i know how things don't work. I feel great when i train someone with some crazy focus & techniques.

I even provide with some very outstanding supplements. Whether we talk about cheap or pricey. In India most of the people require best quality supplements in cheapest price. So, here I am providing best quality available in market & that too in cheap price.

I only believe in knowledge gained with experience because Social media is full of knowledge about anything but experience matters a lot. Only experience teaches us the right way to do it.


There are number of tutorials available on Social media,or on any other platform as to how to perform particular exercise or movement but the thing is there are not enough Techniques to do the training. Well half knowledge is never good. Knowledge combined with experience makes it works better.

It’s been more than 10 years. I learned so much in these years regarding muscle building, strength, hard-core training, fat loss…. You just name it & I know it. There are many thing related to our physique that people still don’t understand. I wonder very less people try to understand their body, try to listen to their body.

In my BLOGS i will be showing everything related to muscle building, Definition training, Core strength, fitness & whatever real solid knowledge i can provide with.


I started gym at age 14. I was quite chubby at that time so i started working out just to get fit but at 18 i guess i did saw a dream to be like ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

So, from 18 i started doing workout like him as i was following his footsteps. I wanted to build muscles like him & then eventually i also followed jay cutler, phill heath & ronnie coleman & started doing workouts like them even followed their workout schedule. CRAZY, RIGHT?

Well frankly speaking those days were really crazy. Following arnold’s workout routine, jay cutlers diet, Ronnie coleman’s techniques. That was some really hardcore training I alone did in those years because no trainer was that knowledgeable. I alone took all the risks, some paid off & some gave me injuries.

But that's how i learned & gained so much knowledge about muscle building/ mass gaining.

I now know many harsh realities & many facts about mass gaining/ muscle building.

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